Today’s post will be fairly short, for a few reasons. First, I’ve been busy, and don’t feel like writing a lengthy post. And second, I have been distracted playing 0 A.D., a free and open-source game of ancient warfare, akin to Age of Empires.

I’ve heard of the game prior to today, but it was brought back to my attention via a post by Kev on Fosstodon. And so, after work, I downloaded it and started to play.

Initial impressions: 0 A.D. brings back the nostalgia of playing Age of Empires for me, which was one of my favorite games growing up. The graphics are decent, though there is some noticeable lag and screen tearing at times (to be fair, this game is in alpha, so I can’t complain too much). The soundtrack/audio are great. And the gameplay is fun, although in all honesty, I have yet to win a game (played at Normal difficulty).

Now, back to trying to win a simple skirmish…

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