I frequently ponder the same question: if I’m doing what I’m enjoying, does it matter that I’m putting way more time into than is, perhaps, “healthy”? My question is generally specifically around the area of work. I’ve heard a number of arguments for why you should aim to achieve a “balance”, and why thinking about or focusing on work too much is a bad thing.

And yet, my question remains: what if I am actually enjoying what I’m doing? Am I getting paid extra? No. Am I putting in more hours than is perhaps “expected” of me? Yes.

But I’m enjoying it. And especially in times when I am actively thinking on a particular issue, or wanting to improve something specific with a project I am working on, I can’t necessarily turn it off easily for hours/days on end. In those cases, it can consume my waking thoughts.

I have heard one single, solitary argument for working more, and it went something like this: those who are truly great in there field didn’t get there by being balanced. Those that changed the world (or are changing the world) eat, sleep, live, and breathe the things they are passionate about.

Which leads me to my current conclusion, even though I will still question myself, I’m sure: for me, at this time, the balance is less important than doing what I’m enjoying. It’s not harming me. It’s not harming anyone else. If anything, it’s making improvements. And so, there’s no urgent reason for me to modify my routine.

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