I decided to try something a little different this year. I’ve seen other bloggers (for example, Jamie Tanna) implement a weekly review of sorts on their blogs, and thought it might strike an interesting balance between daily, monthly, and yearly posting, all of which I’ve tried at one point or another. I’ve also attempted weekly posts in the past, but often with some specific topic in mind. These notes will be simple recaps of my week.

New Year’s Day 🎆

  • Nice relaxing holiday on Monday (New Year’s Day)
  • I decided that migrating away from Todoist is a nonstarter currently, and so cleaned up and closed my OmniFocus account.
  • While in cleaning mode, I also did some general upkeep on my Obsidian vault.
  • Tuesday marked my return to the office.
  • Most of Tuesday through Friday was consumed by preparing for our annual Winter Conference at work.
  • Saturday was spent working on my 10 Year Anniversary post, followed by some research into comment platforms while I watched some TV and movies (below).
  • Sunday (today) started with Divine Service in the morning, followed by implementing giscus on my website.
  • After I’m done writing this, I have a small project to do for work, then it will be time to prepare for the week ahead.

Read Link to heading

Listened To Link to heading

  • The Talk Show with John Gruber: 392: ‘Halos and Harps’, with Casey Liss
  • Late Night Linux: 262
  • Upgrade: 493: Upgradies Hall of Fame
  • Darknet Diaries: 141: The Pig Butcher
  • Connected: 483: Send John Your Face
  • The Rebound: 476: Vision Pro No Show
  • We’re Not Wrong about The Epstein List and Texas Power
  • Accidental Tech Podcast: 568: The Year of Romance
  • It’s a Thing: 298: Let’s All go To The Bullpen
  • Clockwise: 535: It’s Even Embarrassing in Metric
  • Getting Things Done: 240: David Allen talks with Justin Hale
  • Dot Social: The State of Federation, with Mastodon’s Eugen Rochko

Watched Link to heading

  • Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (2023), S1, E8-E9
  • Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts (2022)
  • Edge of Tomorrow (2014)