• Overall, this week was relatively uneventful (outside of some stuff at work). I didn’t focus much on personal projects, except for…
  • Only a few weeks after claiming that I was sticking with Todoist for the foreseeable future for as my task manager, I once again got curious about OmniFocus, and ended up switching my entire task list over mid-week. Todoist has been implementing more team-based features recently, which I don’t need. And something about OmniFocus keeps drawing my attention… We’ll see how long it lasts.
  • On Saturday, I spent a substantial amount of time becoming familiar with the Nix package manager, which I am interested in using for reproducible builds of a project at work. The basic premise was easy to learn, though it took most of the day to get a fully functional solution.
  • Sunday so far has consisted of Divine Service in the morning, some cooking over lunch (which included prep for the week ahead), and some small amount of time focusing on a work project.

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  • Accidental Tech Podcast: 571: Adding Some Carrot
  • Clockwise: 538: If I Lose It, I’ll Die
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  • Reacher (2022), S2, E05-08