• News articles are continuing to be published regarding Precision Planting’s 2024 announcements. This post from AgriNews had a good overview, and (in my opinion) nicely combined comments from yours truly with those of Justin McMenamy, Vice President - Disruptive Products.
  • Friday was the release of Apple Vision Pro, so I’ve been watching and reading reviews of it all week. I’ve linked some of my favorites below in the Read and Watched sections. I’m not yet convinced to drop $3500 on it, but I’m also still considering it…
  • I’m still actively using OmniFocus 4, and did my first (abbreviated) weekly review with it today. While I still wish there was some more natural language processing built in, similar to Todoist, the overall experience is growing on me.
  • A project at work has me dusting off my Python skills (meager though they are), and also relearning how documents in MongoDB work. It also gave me an excuse to play with Python packages in Nix, which I’m still finding extremely useful for software development.

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  • Accidental Tech Podcast: 572: Cryptofarts and Copyright Infringement
  • Clockwise: 539: You Folks Need Some Help
  • Connected: 487: Mr. Fake John Voorhees Goes to Europe
  • Focused: 196: Focus & The Reading Life, with Maryanne Wolf
  • Getting Things Done: 242: Slice of GTD Life with Richards and Spurgeon
  • Issues, Etc.: 293: Countering Technological Liturgies - Joshua Pauling
  • Issues, Etc.: 311: Responding to Roman Catholic Proof Texts: Protestants Deny the Real Presence - Dr. Steven Parks
  • Issues, Etc.: 332: Evangelical Cliches - Bryan Wolfmueller
  • It’s a Thing: 301: Little Treats Mission Creep
  • It’s a Thing: 302: Spray Candy Is My Roman Empire
  • Mac Power Users: 729: Don’t Hear What We Aren’t Saying
  • The Rebound: 480: You Like Developers? Name Three
  • The Talk Show With John Gruber: 394: ‘An Impossible Balcony’, With Matthew Panzarino
  • Upgrade: 497: The Poison Pill
  • We’re Not Wrong: About the Border and Gen Z’s Gender Split

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