• This week I ran across trippy, an interesting little networking tool that combines the functionality of traceroute and ping. I don’t have a current use, but am filing it away for when I need it.
  • Much of my in-office time this week was focused on troubleshooting new products. I experimented some with using SSH from a Java app, which I’d not done previously. Once I figured out the basic requirements, it was pretty seamless!
  • This weekend once again included ripping some new-to-me Jazz & Swing CDs to my Plex server, along with some albums of hymns from CPH. I continue to enjoy using Plexamp, combined with my own library, to stream music, instead of one of the major streaming services.

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  • Accidental Tech Podcast: 575: Walk a Little Faster
  • Ask Noah Show: 377
  • Clockwise: 542: You Should Not Toss Leprechauns
  • Connected: 490: Ivy League Ferret
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  • We’re Not Wrong: About the Border and Trump’s NY Business Trial Penalty

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  • Wonka (2023)