Firefox Extensions

The following is a list of the main Firefox extensions that I use, and why I recommend them (sorted into general groups to improve readability).

Privacy/Encryption/Ad-Blocking Link to heading

  • Privacy Badger (EFF): Automatically learns and blocks trackers. I dislike allowing ad companies and other trackers to know my browsing history, and this is one of the tools I use to inhibit my data and habits being shared without my authorization.
  • uBlock Origin (Raymond Hill): One of the best ad blockers I’ve found. I started using an ad blocker years ago when they became obnoxious on a number of the sites I was visiting, and I’ve continued using one ever since. uBlock Origin currently does the best job out of all of the extensions I’ve tried. In fact, I’ve actually grown so accustomed to not seeing ads that I get slightly confused when I do see one.
  • Multi-Account Containers (Mozilla): Separates website storage into tab-specific containers. This allows me to log into a website with multiple identities in the same browser (e.g. work account + personal account), which is by far the most useful feature in my opinion. It can also be used to limit social network footprints, trackers, etc, though for me this is largely handled by other extensions I use.

Quality of Life Link to heading

  • Consent-O-Matic (dkGof): GDPR consent popups annoy me, and because I clear cookies every time I close FireFox, I see them a lot. Consent-O-Matic automatically handles them for me!
  • Dark Reader (Alexander Shutau): Dark mode, everywhere! I recently began trying to use dark mode everywhere that I could, and while it was fairly easy for desktop apps and mobile apps, websites were frequently the single place that I was still struggling with. Dark Reader has taken care of that, and for the most part, works like a charm!
  • Enhancer for YouTube (Maxime RF): Adds a bunch of extra features to YouTube, like using a larger player by default, automatically selecting your preferred playback format, auto-pausing videos when opened, and dark mode. Just a nice quality of life extension.
  • MarkDownload (deathau): Adds easy clipping of websites and/or content and downloading as a Markdown file. Very handing for clipping content to save to a note-taking app.